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  • Topographic survey of mineral properties covering large areas.
  • Survey and quantitative assessment of ore-stacks and mineralized dumps with Total Station Theodolite.
  • Up-dating of survey plans of mines as per MMR 1961.
  • Survey of Highways & bridges as per specification 19 of Indian Road Congress.


  • Formulation of scheme of detailed exploration including logging and sampling of borehole cores and processing & evaluation of exploratory data on computer.
  • Geological reconnaissance and preparation of preliminary geological appraisal reports.
  • Preparation of Detailed Exploration Report.
  • Computer Aided Deposit Evaluation (CADE) using geological software for preparation of sections, slice plans, estimation of reserves etc.


  • Geophysical Surveys for delineation of ore bodies, especially in iron ore deposits.
  • Resistivity & hydro-geological surveys for ground water potential, water resources & foundation studies.


  • Conventional & Wire-line Exploratory (Diamond) drilling.
  • DTH Drilling.


  • Processing of exploratory data on computer & preparation of 3-D block model of deposits.
  • Qualitative & quantitative optimization of the deposits with the help of geological & mining softwares.


  • Preparation of Mining Scheme.
  • Preparation of mining plan and approval from Indian Bureau of Mines.
  • Financial evaluation of mining projects.
  • Deployment of heavy earth moving mining machinery, which can handle up-to 8.0 lacs CuM of earth work per annum.


  • Investigative drilling and soil testing and conducting Standard Penetration Test (SPT).
  • Packer Testing and Grouting for Investigative Foundation Projects.
  • Collection of undisturbed soil samples & soil testing.


  • Generation of baseline data on land, water, air and socio-economic Environment.
  • Sampling & analysis of stack gas/ ambient air quality.
  • Collection and generation of Meteorological data.
  • Study of solid waste management.
  • Soil survey and preparation of Land Use Plan and Land cover on digital processing of satellite technology.
  • Afforestation & reclamation proposal, preparation and implementation as per Dept of Environment guidelines. Preparation of Environment Impact Assessment Report and ormulation of Environment Management Plan and Disaster Management Plan.
  • Preparation of annual environmental audit statement. Assisting in getting environmental clearance from Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India and State Pollution Control Board.
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An inspired approach to quality residential and commercial projects

GEOTECH Exploration is well equipped with modern and sophisticated survey instruments like Auto-level, Total Station Theodolite, fleet of 60 drilling machines, computers with geological & mining softwares, equipments for geophysical survey and geotechnical studies.

GEOTECH Exploration has a team of qualified & experienced mine surveyors, exploration geologists, computer specialists, mining engineers, environmental geo-scientists, chemists, hydrogeologist, drilling & mining personnel etc.

who have necessary expertise for offering technical consultancy services to meet the requirements of Indian mining industry. It has an access to heavy earth moving machinery, which can handle mining & foundation engineering projects.